Hush Mozey

Burlesque - Live session

press release

to be released on june 9th

with a premier from Tap the Feed on June 8th

With their mix of Ska, Punk and Grunge music which they like to call “Drowzy Rock and Roll”, Hush Mozey have been fighting the modern musical mediocrity from within Bristol. This year, with the band playing the festival circuit with performances at Y-Not, Truck and Glastonbury, Hush Mozey has grown a following of sinners and slackers who all share a common love for their new take on Rock and Roll music. Hush Mozey represent modern urban Britain and the new counter culture of the youth.

"Burlesque" is from Hush Mozey's debut EP, "Tales of Bigotry".

One of the mellower songs from the band, “Burlesque”, a song for lovers and a song befitting quiet coffee shops and Sunday afternoons. It oozes charisma and charm from start to mesmeric finish. The song highlights Hush Mozey's love for  sonic layers and melodic textures. 

The video was recorded in band members, Jack and Joshes, living room in their new flat once they heard the great acoustics. The video was made by Dan Hilltout and the audio was recorded and mixed by Lewis Bradshaw, the same producer that worked with Hush Mozey on "Tales of Bigotry".

// Music by Hush Mozey // Lyrics by Joe T Johnson // Hush Mozey are / Joe T Johnson / Joshua Derrick / Jack Woolcomb / Harry Surman //

Video by Dan Hilltout / Audio by Lewis Bradshaw