Band Members:
Joe T Johnson
Josh Derrick
Jack Woolcomb
Harry Surman



With their mix of Ska, Punk and Grunge music which they like to call “Drowzy Rock and Roll”, Hush Mozey have been fighting the modern musical mediocrity from within Bristol. This year, with the band playing the festival circuit with performances at Y-Not, Truck and Glastonbury, Hush Mozey has grown a following of sinners and slackers who all share a common love for their new take on Rock and Roll music. Hush Mozey represent modern urban Britain and the new counter culture of the youth.




Tales of Bigotry

Hush Mozey’s debut release shows us just what they are already capable of. Their opening track, “Moroccan Treasure”, showcases their self-dubbed "Drowzy Rock and Roll" sound, awakening from a bazaar-dream to a reversed guitar alarm clock, before crescendoing to a dramatic climax.

An ode to the fringe folk of Broken-Britain is the cult anthem, ‘A Place For Them’. The lead single for Tales of Bigotry feels at home in Bristol, a sound track fit to accompany a mozey down to our place for them, Stokes Croft, on a brisk Friday night, as well as offering a crash course of sonic ecstasy. Infusing roaring guitar tones, contrasting gypsy-reggae rhythms, infectious bass lines and raw, cut-loose vocals performances, living and breathing each and every lyric, births the future of the Hush Mozey sound, freakishly excitable and from the seedy underbelly of modernity.

Following this one of the mellower songs from the band, “Burlesque”, an song for lovers and a song befitting quiet coffee shops and Sunday afternoons. It oozes charisma and charm from start to mesmeric finish. The song highlights Hush Mozey's love for  sonic layers and melodic textures. 

Textured with intricate vocal layers, accompanied with a somber confession of a broken partnership, "Listen Learn" takes things in a darker direction, one that builds in tension as it progresses and explodes with a dramatic finale. 

Hitting hard and driving deep, next flies through “Paper People”; direct, tenacious and unforgiving.

Taking influences from alternative trends of 90s rock is “Hideout”, wonky yet anthemic and hard to forget. With its peaks of hard-hitting grungy choruses, valleys of electronic verses and cheery vocal harmonies and whistles, the song has it all.

And to finally ease through the end of the EP is “One More Night”. Think early morning night drives in a metropolis, filled with nothing but the thoughts of someone searching for something and reliving it each and every night to the soundtrack of a slow-burning blues jam. The perfect soundtrack to the end credits for Tales of Bigotry.

Recorded in DBS Studios Bristol
Engineered and Mixed by Lewis Bradshaw
Mastered by Pete Maher
Original Artwork by Kamil Zapolski
Music by Hush Mozey
Lyrics by Joe T Johnson



A Place For Them - Official Music Video

The official music video for Hush Mozeys debut single, "A Place For Them". Released on March 2nd 2018, the song is the lead single from Hush Mozeys debut EP, Tales of Bigotry. The video was shot completely with a 90's VHS camera.

see Them Worrying - Live Video - Trinity Centre Bristol

A live video of Hush Mozeys song, "See Them Worrying", performed at The Trinity Centre in Bristol. The song was one of the earliest Hush Mozey songs, with the first iteration being created in the first writing session.

A Place For Them - Live Video - Thekla Bristol

A live video of Hush Mozeys debut single, "A Place For Them", performed at Thekla in Bristol.





Photos from a studio session of Hush Mozeys debut EP, Tales of Bigotry. The session took place in 2017.


Photos from Hush Mozeys sold out release show, for debut EP "Tales of Bigotry", at The Mothers Ruin, Bristol. All photos taken on dispoable cameras from members of the crowd.


Photos from Hush Mozeys show at The Assembly Inn, Bath. Photos taken on a disposable camera.





Make Official Magazine

Premier of "A Place For Them - Official Music Video"

"Delirious never felt so good!"



Subsource Magazine

Review of "Tales of Bigotry"

"Fighting a plight against mediocre music and engaging you in such a way it’s hard not to want more"



Hide The Line

Review of "See Them Worrying - Live Video"

"The track in-captures Hush Mozey’s distinct and subdued sound."


Tap The Feed

Review of "Tales of Bigotry"

"A fresh sound from a fresh band, getting oh so fresh with your aural innocence."



Mogg Blog

Review of "Tales of Bigotry"

"They should definitely be ready for their future, because through my eyes, it seems very bright."



Bimm Blog

Behind The Track - "A Place For Them"

"The self-professed ‘Drowzy Rock and Rollers’ purvey a brand of nostalgic guitar music that echoes great British acts such as The Libertines, The Specials and The Charlatans."


On The House

Review of "Tales of Bigotry"

"Each track is delicately crafted with great lyrics, tight performance, production and mastering."



Musically Fresh

Review of "A Place For Them" - Live Video"

"Hush Mozey’s music is subdued in the Blues-Rock Fashion but isn’t afraid to break-in outside influences, [..] showing this band to be capable of just about anything."



DBS - Music Insider

Brief Studio Run Down

"In terms of processing whilst tracking, I used the API 550 EQs to shape to tone of the mics and drove the pre-amps pretty heavily, especially on the drums."


Sound Of Hisingen

Review of "Tales of Bigotry"

Missa för allt i världen inte denna!”
(Don’t miss it for the world!)




Number one on musical recommendations of the week with "A Place For Them"

"Crujientes guitarras, contagioso ritmo gypsy-reggae y unas excelsas lineas de bajo para un tema entretenidísimo."
(Crisp guitars, contagious gypsy-reggae rhythms and sublime bass lines for an entertaining theme.)