“Pretty little seance”

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Available May 10th

electronic and physical ep Release

In the heart of England where chimney sweeps and milkmen once ruled the streets, emerge a band from the ash and soot, bringing you a new phase in music that will relieve you from all despair. A remedy they call Drowzy Rock and Roll…

“‘Pretty Little Seance’ is a real life horror show captured through fuzzy guitars, hypnotic grooves and troubled vocals.

Hush Mozey expose the everyday fearing and stressful tale of the nine-to-five life. Through devious rhyme and melody they have welded together a junk yard sound they like to call ‘Drowzy Rock and Roll’. The band expose the disturbed result austerity has had on youth culture and try to give light to a darker side of city life.”

1. Staying Up
A sense of sarcasm and dark humor laces throughout the song as the repetitive nature of the lyrics reflect the monotonous reality of the nine-to-five life.”

2. Nightmare on Jamaica Street
”Reminiscing on walking back late at night through Stokes Croft, the band explore the tragedies of city life.”

3. Turncoat Tradition
”Turncoat Tradition takes you on a ideological journey through the idea of giving up on everyday traditions. A world without Christmas or capitalism.”

4. Oh, What a Dream
”The band take you on a spooky escapade, reliving dreams through song.With the bands use of recording equipment from the 1950’s and 1960’s they have recreated an authentic, jangly sound that makes the song feel timeless.”

5. See Them Worrying
”Featuring a four piece brass section, the song forms ska inspired verses contrasted with powerful, in your face choruses, over thought provoking lyrics creating a vivid image of nighttime in urban, broken Britain.”

6. Resurrected From the Dead
”A surprising coda to ‘Pretty Little Seance’ featuring punchy verses contrasted by swirling chorus, ending with a melodic storm.”

Recorded in DBS Studios Bristol & Bink Bonk // Engineered and Mixed by Lewis Bradshaw // Mastered by Pete Maher

Release Show:
10th May - Rough Trade Bristol



Music videos

Staying up

Released March 15th

oh, what a dream

released April 19th

// Music by Hush Mozey // Lyrics by Joe T Johnson // Hush Mozey are / Joe T Johnson / Joshua Derrick / Jack Woolcomb / Harry Surman //